How local students and/or other volunteers can help out-

Student Brochure File

  • Composting- If you would like to actually assist in composting the waste of our community, you have the ability to work with me in getting you a bin as well as finding a local establishment for you to work with (and accept waste from). I'll teach you and anyone else interested in how this process works. Basically, you'd be picking up waste from a local business, restaurant, or organization weekly, taking it to your own backyard to compost in your very own bin, and overtime the waste, layered with shredded newspaper, would form an organic compost fertilizer.


  • Gardening- If you would like to grow food for local food shelters, I'd be happy to help you get the necessary materials to do so. Composting isn't necessary to gardening with this cause, but by doing so, you'd have the opportunity to consistently supply yourself and others with organic fertilizer. In the Florida weather, for most of the year, you have the ability to grow almost anything you'd like to grow. Working with me, you'd be setting up your very own garden in your home, wherein you'd use the fertilizer to repeatedly enrich your soil. You'd be, with my help, obtaining soil, wooden planks, starter plants, and watering-related products to be effective in gardening. Over time, you'd grow tons of fruits and vegetables, of which most or all will then go to Boca Helping Hands.
  • Environmental Education- Another important component in making a difference in our community is education on the subject of how we can lessen the harm we do to it. By researching online and learning through my own advice, on the many ways businesses, organizations, and restaurants can learn to become "greener" establishments, you'll not only be able to consult them and aid them in making positive change, but you yourself will gain the skills necessary to make your own lifestyle more beneficial to the world around you

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