Every day, the world creates 3.5 million tons of waste, and that number is set to nearly double by 2025.


Our Mission

Our goal is to learn how to turn the issues of society into solutions, by exploring them, understanding them, and learning from them.

β€œThe idea of unlimited growth... needs to be seriously questioned on at least two counts: the availability of basic resources and... the capacity of the environment to cope with the degree of interference implied.”
— Wayne Ellwood, The No-Nonsense Guide to Degrowth and Sustainability

What We Hope to Achieve

  • Create a consistent composting chain.
  • Frequently provide organic fruits and vegetables to local food shelters.
  • Assist local businesses, restaurants, and organizations in becoming greener.
  • Divert at least 20% of waste created in those connected with our cause.
  • Understanding of what kind of shape the world will be in without efforts to lessen the severity of our pollution.
  • Understanding of what composting is, and how it can benefit the community.
  • Inspire local citizens to participate in our efforts.